Celebrity and VIP Events

We are getting ready for the season of Celebrity and VIP Events in Manchester and Cheshire. Lots of clients wanting parties using our bespoke designs and tips on dealing with these type of events are ;
1. Be discreet – no one wants you face booking or tweeting images of the clients event before it has taken place
or even sometimes afterwards too.
2. Use bespoke designs for each event as then it will be unique for the client
3. Spend money on lighting, it makes a big difference creating ambiance in the room
4. Food, drink and entertainment is what everyone talks about, get this right.
5. Use security on VIP events to ensure only invited guests on the list get in !
6. As an events management company and party planner we have years of experience in all areas of events so using discreet, polite, professional staff is also a key element in making the events a success

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